Follow The Money Class Review

Updated: Apr 18, 2020


"Follow the Money" a course to help those dealing with the emotional and financial tragedy of corona pandemic. This natural disaster has changed the financial infrastructure of the world. Whether it is big business or a single start ups, the playing field is leveled for all entrepreneurial endeavors.

This action guide will help you map the trajectory of your goals

Goals we discussed /identified

  • Assess our personal value add to society

  • Systematically quantify our value add/skills

  • Quantify the skill set of our potential customers

  • Identify "The Whale" in our field and what they could be doing better

  • Write a very descriptive plan of action moving forward to accomplish our entrepreneurial goal

Where to Start

  1. Write down 5 Value add/skills you are good

  2. Quantify/Rank your expertise on each skill from 1-10

  3. Identify who you know or a group you’ve observed that is about 4 points below your ranking.

-That is you target audience

  1. Identify who or what company is the best at you skill “The whale”

  2. List what you can do more customer centric or better than “The whale”

  3. Write down a very detailed paragraph of how you plan to execute you service

Questions to ask yourself

  1. What are the things I get the most compliments on?

  2. Are those complements based on a skill I have?

  3. What do I feel like you are good at?

  4. What level is my expertise on this topic/topics?

  5. Who is five rankings below me on this topic?

  6. Can I help them?

  7. Who are the experts in this field?

  8. What can I do to fill the gaps that they leave?

  9. How many people can I touch with this skill

Tools to Help

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